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LA Roadrunners September 10, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in LA Marathon.
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Running buddy Karen N. tipped me off to LA Roadrunners, the official training group of the LA Marathon. She trained with them when she ran the LA Marathon a few years ago. She highly recommends them, especially for a first-time marathoner. So, I signed up.

The Roadrunners train on Saturdays at 7am in Venice, CA, which is conveniently close to my house. It’s a 27-week program—pretty legit considering that’s over half a year of training! For the cost of the training, it worked out to less than $4 a week, a fantastic deal for what they offer. On their website, a few of their program inclusions are:

Lectures by nutrition, medical & athletic experts.
Experienced pace leaders.
Training t-shirt. (Ed.: woo-hoo!)
Training day water stations and Gatorade.
Special race day accomodations.
Gait analysis and personal performance evaluation.
Specialized form and technique instruction.

What I’m most excited for, actually, is the opportunity to meet other runners. There’s something very energizing about meeting other like-minded people.

Check out the official LA Roadrunner video below:


1. susan - September 12, 2009

richard! this is so awesome!! you are going to be fully trained for the marathon!!

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