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Running Calculator September 10, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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Running appeals to me on many different levels; one of the main reasons is that it allows me to track my athletic growth with a competitive attitude. I had a brief stint in my earlier years playing competitive school sports, so I can be very driven to “win”—or, in this case, beat a personal best. Running allows me to do this on my own by competing against my previous run times without a team or an opponent—just my trusty watch.

When playing a sport like football or basketball, it’s not easy to track one’s statistics (and growth) unless you’re on an organized team that plays over several games. Even in another timed sport like swimming, charting “true” personal progress is difficult because of the lack of competitive lanes in public pools. With running, it’s very easy to compete against yourself when you run a set route over and over that you have access to every day.

An essential tool, then, is a running calculator. A good running calculator calculates either time, distance, or pace, provided you have two of the three variables. My favorite running calculator is from Cool Running, mainly because they take it one step further and calculate mile splits for you. Check out the calculator here. I also keep track of all my times and distances on a handy spreadsheet.

What about you: do you use a running calculator?


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