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A Running Calculator on Steroids September 13, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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Karen N. points out a better running calculator. Mentioned on the NY Times Health blog, the calculator from McMillan Running calculates much more than the common time, distance, and pace. It takes your current pace at a determined distance and predicts your future pace for several other distances from a 100m sprint to a full marathon. Within that, it calculates your pace per mile and kilometer and factors in a slight increase per mile/kilometer as the distances gets longer. Tara Parker-Pope of the NY Times explains:

Just type in your current race time for a given distance, and the calculator will predict your pace for other distances. So if your best 5K run took 25 minutes, the calculator shows you that your 8:04 minutes-per-mile pace translates to about an 8:38 minutes-per-mile pace in the 10K. At that pace, you could run a 56 minute 10K, which means you’re probably capable of running a 9:19 minutes-per-mile pace on average in the marathon, assuming you’ve put in the miles and trained for it. (That’s about a 4:04-hour marathon.)

Beyond that, the calculator takes it a step further and gives you ideal endurance workouts, stamina workouts, and speed workouts. If you’re looking for a basic calculator to do simple splits, I recommend this one from Cool Running. But you certainly can’t go wrong with McMillan’s.



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