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What To Wear (or Not To Wear) September 15, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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As a first-time marathoner, it’s interesting to discover how much thinking actually goes into running long distances. Before—when I was my more ignorant self—I figured you could just put on a pair of shoes, some gym clothes, and hit the road. But after reading the official training manual of LA Roadrunners, there’s certainly a lot more involved.

One often overlooked facet of running is what to wear (or not to wear). I imagine that most people put on their old gym shorts and a cotton top, but it turns out, there are better choices out there. For the basics, most trainers recommend a shirt made from a synthetic material that will keep your skin dry by wicking the sweat that beads up. This goes the same for socks. Cotton socks are sure to cause blisters. And for shorts and pants, be sure to pick out ones that are lightweight and allow movement. Beyond these, depending on the weather, add items like a shell jacket, beanie and/or gloves for cold weather or a hat and sunscreen for hot summer days.

Run The Planet has an interesting idea, as well. They recommend something for a more psychological advantage in a marathon:

Running a long distance course can be a challenge not only for your body but also for your mind. To get an extra “kick” do no be one of the anonymous runners in the pack. Print your name in capital letters on your running T-shirt. As you pass by, you will find out how many spectators will shout your name and will be encouraging you personally. It is a sure boost of energy!

(I may try this, but use a silly name like Brock Lee and see if people realize they’re cheering on a delicious vegetable.)

And as if I needed to mention yet another calculator, Runner’s World has one that will advise you on what to wear depending on the outside weather conditions. Out of curiosity, I asked the calculator what to wear if it was -35 degrees Celsius, with gales and snow, and it told me a winter cap, a long-sleeved shirt, some tights, a jacket and a pair of gloves would be sufficient. Now that’s some dedicated running advice!

It’s clear that there’s a lot more to run clothes than one would think. Perhaps I should hire some fashionistas to help me out.

what not to wear

Kekona over at 10 Min Mile has a good post about running shoes, something I’ll touch on in the future.


1. kekona - September 15, 2009

If I was a girl, Id write Kim Chi on my shirt…then people would be cheering on fermented cabbage….maybe Ill throw that shirt on as we pass Koreatown…

Also, as much as I bashed the Sports Liquidators, I did end up getting a really nice pair of running shorts (really short, so sure to blind a few spectators) and a good running shirt for really cheap. I will don them this saturday!

2. Chelsee Lowe - September 22, 2009

I love that Stacy and Clinton made it on the blog.

RJL - September 23, 2009

I know. Your favorite TV show of all time.

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