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LA Roadrunners: September 19, 2009 September 20, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in LA Roadrunners.
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Distance: 6.03 miles
Time: 51:03
Pace: 8:28 mile

The second week of training with the LA Roadrunners was another success. With an experienced pace leader, I was able to complete my longest distance ever with some still left in the gas tank. Hips felt strong and loose, breathing was easy and consistent, and it didn’t feel like I was pushing myself too hard. I’m right where I want to be and the 8:30 pace is perfect.

This 6 mile run was easier than the 5.5 mile run I did on September 16. I believe there are two major factors for this:

1. Having a pace leader.
Starting a distance run too fast is detrimental; when I did my 5.5 run, my first mile was a 7:45 mile and I knew immediately I needed to slow down, but it was too late. As a result, between miles 3-5, I was too winded. Until I learn how to pace myself correctly, running behind a pace leader is very important.

2. Camraderie.
Being part of a running group is a huge mental boost. The 5.5 run was, at the time, my longest distance run and midway through, I thought to myself, “This is terrible! I am so bored. I think I’ll walk a little bit.” With the LA Roadrunners, I am mentally engaged either in conversation or competition, not wanting to walk while the others are running. Additionally, passing other LA Roadrunners groups and hearing everyone cheer everyone else on is more effective than one would think. Being part of a group that’s working toward a goal makes a difficult goal that much more achievable.

Being with the LA Roadrunners is going to make all the difference in my training.


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