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Training: September 20, 2009 September 21, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Training.
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Today was a cross-training day, per the LA Roadrunners schedule. So I headed to the gym, jumped on the stationary bike, and watched football for 60 minutes. I’d never done the stationary bike for more than 15 minutes*, but it was surprisingly easy to go for 60 minutes, especially with the distraction of television.

The LA Roadrunners recommend cross-training to vary the type of workout a marathoner does during the week. From their training manual:

Training at different levels of intensity is important to become more efficient in different areas. Proper exercise & rest = optimal performance

Additionally, Marathon Training has a great article on cross-training. They echo the LA Roadrunners sentiment of adding variety to a marathon workout:

[Cross-training] adds variety to your training and decreases the chance of burnout. [It] can occasionally be substituted for “easy day” running (as an aerobic workout). Can serve as an injury prevention measure – Certain activities such as cycling can strengthen related muscle groups and soft connective tissue.

They also have a whole list of other possible cross-training activities, from swimming to weight training. I’ll be sure to pull a few ideas from their recommendations.

*Seems like I’ve been breaking a lot of my previous records lately!


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