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LA Roadrunners: September 26, 2009 September 26, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in LA Roadrunners.
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Distance: 7.08 miles
Time: 60:03
Pace: 8:29 mile



Another Saturday with LA Roadrunners, another long run in the books. I keep hitting new distances and I’m still holding up. I felt really great running today and my body felt even better than it did last week. I did start getting a small side stitch just after mile 6 but was able to hold it off and finish strong with the group.

I started the morning at 5:45am and prepared my new favorite pre-run food: cooked apples and honey with a glass of water.


I actually think this pre-run meal had a lot to do with my success today. Last week, when we did 6 miles, all I ate was half of an Apple Pie Larabar (I kept the other half for a post-run bite). I think the apple/honey combination is a much better choice. The apples provide a good source of fuel for a longer run while the honey gives me a fast-burning energy to get started. As such, I will give it my first ever Seal of Approval.



(apples and honey, you can thank me later for the honor.)

The run went well, despite the fact that we saw the aftermath of a woman who got hit by a car on Ocean Ave. It was not a pretty sight and I hope she’s okay.

When we returned to Westminster Elementary, all the Roadrunners gathered at the tables and waited for our weekly lecture. What’s cool about being part of the program is that beyond just being a running group, the LA Roadrunners really look to inform runners on how to train properly. These weekly lectures are part of that process and are extremely valuable to a new marathoner like myself.


As we were waiting, the trainers and coaches handed out bananas and water so we could refuel after our runs.

Banana madness

When we finally shuffled into the auditorium where our guest speaker, Charlie from the running store Phidippides* in Encino, spoke to us about the importance of choosing the right shoe. He mentioned that a beginning runner should definitely has his or her gait looked at by a professional, and that choosing the right shoe is part of the marathon battle. He showed us several different shoes from past runners who either supinate or over-pronate and how different areas of the shoe wore down as a result. Had they been wearing the right shoe, the results wouldn’t have been as dramatic. And, for anyone out there with running injuries, the wrong shoes could be part of the problem. I found the lecture to be very informative.

Charlie talking about shoes

All in all, it was another successful Roadrunner Saturday. In addition to a boost in morale by running 7 miles, I met some new people—one girl who had the Vibram FiveFingers!—, learned about picking the right shoes, and discovered my new preferred pre-run meal. As the weeks past, I’m finding it’s easier and easier to get up at 5:45am and get out there and run. In fact, I dare call it…fun.

*Phidippides was the Greek figure who inspired the marathon. Read more here.

And find my run log here.


1. Little Ms. GG - October 18, 2009

Hey, that’s me sitting on the right aisle wearing black pants with a white stripe. I look so stiffed, but I was having leg cramps at that moment.

2. RJL - October 18, 2009

Hey! How cool I got you in a blog post already!

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