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LA Roadrunners Updated Schedule September 28, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in LA Roadrunners.
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I got an email this morning from my pace leader, Carolyn S., who attached an updated training regimen for our pace group. Apparently, we have gone rogue and created our own schedule that was developed by our pace leaders and approved by the head trainers of LA Roadrunners. Noticeable differences include the in-week runs determined by distance, not time, and the omission of cut back weeks. A cut back week typically occurs every three weeks and is a 50% reduction in distance from the previous week. So after three weeks of running 6, 7, and 8 miles, the cut back week is 4 miles. However, I will not get the luxury of a cut back week. While the other Roadrunners will have a 3 mile run on October 10, we will be doing 8 miles. Yay…?

Follow my training either on my Run Log page or through this Google doc, which conveniently tracks my total distance run for the whole training, as well as total time run. Pretty cool. it should be noted that by the end of this training, I’ll have accumulated over 1,000 miles with my feet.


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