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Training — Sun, Sky, Fartleks & Hills October 15, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Training.
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Distance: 4.05 miles
Time: 34:04
Pace: 8:39 mile
Hill work: 2.85 miles @ 25 minutes

Today was refreshing. The rain subsided, the sun came out, and there was still the post-rain smell which I found very energizing during my run. The air was cool and clean and the ground was still damp. It was a great day to be outside running!


After two days of running on a treadmill in a humid and smelly gym, it was invigorating to be outside again. I noticed a marked improvement in my energy just by being outside after the past two days. Fresh air and sun can be a huge boost. As for my body, muscles felt fine, hips were good, and no ankle or knee problems that I had briefly had earlier. This week I was especially focused on eating protein 15-20 minutes after my runs and I think it helped in terms of rebuilding my muscles and helping me get stronger.

I also incorporated some speed work. There seems to be a whole science dedicated to different types of speed work—intervals, fartlek, tempo—but I just wanted to get out and run. I used a basic technique I read on Running Blue Print from his article on speed work: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, which means 1 minute fast, 1 minute recover; 1 minute fast, 2 minute recover; 1 minute fast, 3 minute recover. Referring to this article from The Running Advisor, I think this speed work falls into the fartlek category. Integrating speed work into my training is something I’m going to continue to research and figure out what works best for me.

It’s fun to run past amazing homes.

For my first time doing speed work, it was surprisingly a lot of fun and I didn’t have any problems. I felt like I was racing, which definitely broke up the rather neutral mood of my regular distance training. And I didn’t necessarily feel more tired in my lungs or my muscles, which means next week I might up the amount of time at a high intensity pace.

Then, at the end, I threw in some hills, per LA Roadrunners.


I felt stronger than I did last week when I did the hills, which I believe is a result of proper strength, stretching, and nutrition! So I’m on the right path.

Exactly what I wanted to see after my hill workout.

Find my run log here.


1. Nehal - October 15, 2009

Looks like you have a wicked environment to enjoy while you run. Nice houses, beautiful clouds, etc.

Lol @ the stop sign 🙂

RJL - October 15, 2009

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome when the weather’s good—which is about 90% of the time. Los Angeles has amazing weather, for sure.

2. yas - October 15, 2009

That’s awesome. It feels so good to see improvement!

And wow– those palm trees look surreal.

RJL - October 15, 2009

I think I’m sticking with carrying my camera. Taking photos is pretty fun. Next step: getting a pouch like you have to hold it!

3. Little Ms. GG - October 15, 2009

Hello, Fellow RoadRunner!

I’ve been reading your blog for about a week now. It’s so much fun to see other RR’s account of our training. I’ve been meaning to leave you a message, but never got around to it.

I’m in a slower group Run/Walk 2. I was originally in Run/Walk 1, but I almost died. I went a group down, and I’m doing much better now.

Yes! Keep taking pictures. It makes running much nicer.

See you this Saturday, RR!

RJL - October 15, 2009

Wow, I’m glad you’ve been reading! It’s nice to know I’m not completely keeping this blog for myself!

I’ll be at Roadrunners this Saturday—it’d be great to meet in person!

4. Little Ms. GG - October 15, 2009

Hello again!

Here’s another RoadRunner documenting his achievements:


See you Saturday!

5. Chelsee Lowe - October 15, 2009

I can’t believe you run with your camera. : ) Silly boy.

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