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Training — Sneaky Mile October 16, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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Distance: 1 mile
Time: 8:22
Pace: 8:22 mile

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I put on my shoes and sneaked in a short run anyway. It was a half mile jog and a half mile sprint. Hopefully it doesn’t set me back tomorrow at LA Roadrunners.

Then, I made a delicious lunch of roasted brussel sprouts with garlic and chicken sausage. I threw in a slice of kamut and spelt bread (toasted) for good measure.


Going to spend some time tonight doing my strength and stretching routine, as well. Can’t skip that!


1. yas - October 17, 2009

lol, sneaky mile– love it. I don’t know how you stopped yourself… if I start, I’ll just want to keep going.

2. Karen N. - October 21, 2009

At Farmer’s Market this week, I found myself buying some brussel sprouts. And tonight, as I considered what to make with the brussel sprouts, it occurred to me that turkey sausage and a little pasta would taste good with it. As I ate my dinner, I realized where I got the inspiration 🙂

RJL - October 21, 2009

Karen! That’s awesome! How was it?

(One day, we need to go to the Farmer’s Market together. I need apples!)

3. knoh - October 21, 2009

Don’t wait on the apples. The Ha’s Farm guy says the harvest of fujis will go for about month. This week’s apples are so sweet and crispy, straight off the trees to the market. But he also said that this year’s harvest will be small because of too cold weather. I’m not sure how other farmers are faring, but Ha’s is the best in my book. $3 a pound and worth every penny. I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t last through winter.

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