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Nike+ Human Race October 24, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Official Races.
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What a night! The Nike+ Human Race was a success. It was a great race with friends that ended in a much deserved feast at Norm’s.


We arrived at the USC campus around 10pm and had no trouble with parking. As we started walking toward the race corral, the whole campus was bathed in a sea of red.



The race organizes had the normal swag stations and we walked around and sampled from Luna Bar, Pop Chips, and various other vendors. They also had a DJ perched above the runner corral playing some great pre-race tunes: Journey, Bon Jovi, and some Top 40 pop. For a brief moment, it turned the runner corral into a dance floor.


We started a small stretching session, but it was so crowded that it was pretty difficult to do much of anything except stand around and enjoy the company. As the clock ticked toward midnight, you could feel the energy of the crowd grow. Then, at about 11:45 pm, we all broke up into our pace divisions and waited for the horn to sound. 16 minutes later, at 12:01, we were off and running.


The first half mile was so crowded that no one could even get up to speed. Even though the runner corral was broken up into mile groups, the route was so narrow that no one could move and it took a good 3-4 minutes for the runners to disperse. What’s crazy, though, is that before I could even really get going, the first 5k runner was already returning! (He finished with a sub-15:00 time—insane.)

The route was certainly unique. We ran through underpasses and over freeways, down darkened roads and up to LA Live. It’s something I never would’ve done had it not been for this organized race. I found it pretty liberating and empowering to be running with Los Angeles traffic on a Friday night. The organizers also had USC groups performing during parts of the race, which helped keep the energy of the run high.

Running past a live band

Also, around mile 4, I realized how quiet it gets out there during a race. Other than the cars, it’s just a sea of people running and in some ways, it’s a bit surreal. I don’t think there’s really another situation where you’ll see so many people being so active without any sort of communication between each other. It’s just everyone out there, running. Even though we’re out there as a giant mass, it still feels very solitary.

As for the race, I was feeling pretty poor, actually. I started getting stomach cramps around mile 2 and just had to run with them. Turns out 5 hours is not enough time for me to digest a healthy meal. Then, my hips started tightening, something I was worried about previously because of all the standing we had been doing all night. But, I had enough energy and I felt strong enough and finished with a watch time of 48:51 and an official time of 50:44. My goal was sub-50:00 and I definitely achieved that.

Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 48:51
Pace: 7:52 mile

Running toward the finish line


When we all finished the race, it was time to celebrate. Even though we were exhausted, we were also ready to eat!


It was a great night and definitely memorable. It’s always nice to participate in a fun race with a great group of friends. Not only is there a great sense of camaraderie, I’m finding it’s a great way to hang out with friends. And, of course, it’s always great to have a celebratory meal afterward, too.


And read LAist’s post about their experience at the Nike+ Human Race here.


1. Chelsee Lowe - October 24, 2009

Such a great night!! It wasn’t so bad running at midnight really. What was bad was the standing around for two hours BEFORE the run. Ick.

Can’t wait ’til next time! Great pics!

2. Yasmin - October 25, 2009

Nicely done! It sounds incredible. My biggest fear is that I’ll have too big or too little of a breakfast before the marathon and it will cause troubles. Guess that’s what pre-marathon races are for.

3. kekona - October 26, 2009

great run! Even greater post-meal choice. Next time I recommend switching the order…Norms first then a 10k.

RJL - October 26, 2009

Yeah, the post-meal made the night. And the morning.

We should make our own race called “The Lumberjack 10k.” I’m sure you can guess what it entails.

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