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Training — Gray Skies, Nothing But… November 5, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Training.
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Distance: 5.4 miles
Time: 42:43
Pace: 7:54

Well, the day started out with gray skies, but ended with blue ones. I started my run early, so the morning marine layer had yet to evaporate, but by the time I was done with my hill repeats, the weather was back to normal.

I started with a quick race pace run through the gorgeous Brentwood neighborhood. I’m continually running in awe of these homes. My wife and I have been doing a little house hunting (more like browsing) ourselves, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind if one of these babies fell into our price range.

I’ll take that one…

…and that one.

Then, I hit up Franklin Hill for seven hill repeats. I was about to do an eighth, but the Achilles soreness in my left foot started to appear and I thought I’d better play it safe than sorry.

That’s an interesting sign, I thought.

A real life AT&T commercial.

I’ve also added crunches to my regime in an effort to strengthen my core. I’ve been doing them religiously for about three weeks and it has definitely made a difference in my longer runs. I started with 4 sets of 25; I now do 3 sets of 50. I highly recommend them!


1. Yasmin - November 6, 2009

“A real life AT&T commercial.” –> LOL!

2. Karen N. - November 6, 2009

Reading this post, it dawned on me that you’ve really honed your training. You seem very comfortable and confident. Any fears about not finishing must be mostly allayed if not all together eliminated, right?

RJL - November 6, 2009

Yeah, I’m definitely feeling way more comfortable and confident. It’s less about finishing at this point and more about staying disciplined and sticking to the training. I’m finding that’s the hardest part.

Karen N. - November 6, 2009

You’re definitely in a groove. I’m sure there will be those days when it won’t seem so inevitable, but you’ll fight through those moments. I’m eager to see what March 21st brings 🙂

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