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LA Roadrunners — Eh, Only 9 Miles November 7, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in LA Roadrunners.
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Distance: 9.08 miles
Time: 76:34
Pace: 8:26

Today’s LA Roadrunner run was our cutback week, so we trimmed to 9 miles before gearing up for 12 miles next week. I decided to finally bring my camera to take photos of our gorgeous route but of course, it was nothing but gray skies and fog. Of all the weeks to bring my camera…

Trust me, it has potential.

We met at Westminster Elementary, as usual, and headed out to the Venice Boardwalk. There was a noticeable drop in attendance, not for our group, but for the LA Roadrunner program in general. I think it had something to do with being a shorter week—the other groups did 5 miles and most people probably slept in and did that on their own.

Heading to the Boardwalk.

The other groups waiting to run.

As we gathered in the staging area of the Boardwalk, everyone commented on how cold it was. Where was the sun? Seems like winter is just around the corner, even for Los Angeles.

Lined up and ready to go.

I had some trouble with today’s shorter run, to be honest. My thighs were extremely tight and not feeling as loose as they normally do. My hamstrings especially felt as hard as rock. Not good. In fact, last week’s 11 mile run felt easier than this week’s. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but I have some ideas:

1. Because it was a shorter run, I was over-confident. I didn’t take the time to stretch as much this week, which makes sense considering my legs were tight.

2. It was a busy work week and I didn’t eat as consistently as I normally do. I try to stay to a frequent eating plan but this week I was all over the place. And, being a shorter run, I felt confident I’d be okay.

3. I didn’t eat enough vegetables. True story.

Turns out, probably all three are probably contributing factors. This coming week, my mantra is: “Stretch, eat more, vegetables.”

Along the beach.

Running up the pier.

Through the park.

Palm Tree Row.

Above the Santa Monica Mountains.

Our iconic totem pole. (And the coolest 7 mile marker ever.)

Crossing the finish line.

Some much needed stretching.

So even though it was a tough run with bad weather, I learned something about myself as a runner, which is always a good thing. As long as I’m improving and learning…FULL STEAM AHEAD!


1. Yasmin - November 9, 2009

I’m continually amazed at how different the trees around your neighborhoods are from mine…so long and lean and green.

RJL - November 9, 2009

Yeah, we have some pretty nice scenery. But it may be a case of “the grass is greener”–I’m pretty envious of some of your routes, too! I especially like the fact that your trees actually change color!

2. Little Ms. GG - November 9, 2009

Hi, RJL!

Awesome pictures! Its great seeing another person’s perspective. For example, I’ve never seen the Palm Tree Row. I know I’ve run around them, but I’ve never seen them (probably too weak to notice anything at that point)

This week’s run was not fun for me. My body ached everywhere. I have a few reasons too as to why I didn’t do so well. I’m hoping that I’m better focused next week.

See you next week for… how many miles are you running? Fifteen?

RJL - November 9, 2009

We’re scheduled to do 12 miles, but I’m actually out of town. So I’ll be doing 12 miles on my own, accompanied by my trusted iPod!

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