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Off The Road, Into The Kitchen November 19, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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I decided to take an extra day of rest this week prior to the 13 mile run I have on Saturday. I’m still a bit sore from last Saturday’s run in San Francisco, so rather than push myself, I figured that an extra day of stretching would be more beneficial than 7 miles of hills.

So, I took the time to brush up on my culinary skills. I mean, if I’m not going to burn calories, I might as well eat calories, right?

I was craving cookies, probably a result of me not eating enough carbohydrates and sugars during my training, so I made my spelt chocolate chip cookies. These are probably my new favorite recipe and, best of all, they’re whole wheat-free. Without going too much into it, a few years ago I cut out wheat, but not gluten, and found that alternative grains like spelt are much better for me.

On the cooling rack.

Out of coincidence (or maybe she subliminally put the thought into my head to make wheat-free cookies), Yasmin over at Pretty Little Steps wrote a post today about going gluten-free. She’s been doing it for three days and says she has been feeling pretty good. Very cool.

Ready to eat.

After the cookies, I wrapped up my fortnight long project of making homemade hard cider. I discovered the idea over at The Paupered Chef and followed their method. In short: take a gallon jar of Whole Foods apple juice, pour in some lager yeast, put on an airlock, place the jar in a dark, cool room, and check back in 10 days. And, like that: hard cider.

Had to take the first drink out of the pint glass from my favorite bar: Del’s Saloon. That place is awesome.

I must say, it turned out okay. I’m not a big cider drinker; to me, it was fine. I’m not going to be picky over homemade cider, okay? But my wife, who drinks cider fairly regularly, said it was pretty good and very strong. Even better. A homemade cider that’s strong? Now that’s something I could get into. And just in time for the holidays.

It’d be nice to refine my cider skills, or even move into brewing beer sometime in the future. But every time I think about it, I’m reminded of that famous quote about brewing:

Give a man a beer, he wastes a day. Teach a man to brew, he wastes a lifetime.

I could see how that would be true and right now, I don’t have the time, really. I have a marathon to train for.

P.S. This just turned into a food blog. I think everyone secretly wants a food blog and so do I, I guess. But I’d say that 87% of blogs out there are about food. That’s hard to compete with. However, probably less than 1% are about marathon training. So I have a marathon blog that just happens to mention food every once in awhile. That’s sneaky.


1. Yasmin - November 20, 2009

I’m going to test these cookies after my two weeks of gluten-free. You know (ahem) entirely for “testing” purposes.

2. Lindsey - November 20, 2009

oh my gosh, what a coincidence. I was actually thinking about baking for my group tomorrow as a little congratulatory gift for running 13 miles. And guess what I had in mind? Chocolate Chip Cookies. Actually, to be more specific, gluten free, vegan choc chip cookies. They are incredible. Only problem is I haven’t quite figured out when the baking part of this is going to take place. I am at work at UCLA right now and have tickets to see Kooza tonight, soo um….. midnight baking? hahah. we’ll see if i can pull this off. We’ve gotta meet tomorrow. I am pace leader of run/walk 2. You can’t miss me.. i’ll be in the bright orange shirt with “Lindsey” written all over 🙂

3. Chelsee Lowe - November 20, 2009

These are hands down the best cookies ever, girls. I have sampled many. : )

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