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Training — Sundown November 23, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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Distance: 4.11 miles
Time: 40:24
Pace: 9:50 mile

I wanted to get my recovery run in yesterday, since I was feeling very sore the day before from my 13 mile LA Roadrunner run. I knew I’d have to take it slow, but getting used to running sore is something I’m going to have to learn how to do.

Since it was Sunday, I decided to run around sundown and I’ve come to the conclusion that sundown is the best time of the day to run. For one, it breaks up a rather lazy day, but it’s also just a great feeling to run toward the setting sun. As an added bonus, I was able to get Chelsee to run with me and it was nice to not only show her a favorite route of mine, but to spend some time walking above the ocean sunset with her.


1. Nancy - November 24, 2009

Hi, Richard!

I’m still without a internet service at home. I’m at work, and in a rush.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and see you Saturday for our next run.

RJL - November 24, 2009

No internet at home? I think I’d go crazy.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope you have a good one, too! And yes, see you in two weeks!

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