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RunTunes: The XX December 4, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in RunTunes.
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This week’s RunTunes is the debut album from The XX. It comes highly recommended by my friend Susan, who yelps for joy anytime someone mentions them. (She even has them on her wedding website.) I must agree: they are fantastic.

What I find makes them great for running is the fact that they’re very mellow and dreamy. When you’re on a long run and in a groove, it’s nice to have The XX to zone out to. It almost feels like you’re floating. At least, that’s what I felt.

So whether or not they make you levitate, I recommend picking up The XX.

Find it on Amazon here.

(“Islands” is probably my favorite song of their’s, but “Crystalised” has an actual music video. And don’t be fooled by how over-the-top emo they are in the “Crystalised”: listening to their music, you’d never know.)


1. stevesavvy - September 3, 2010

Just added this album to my iPod. Great from first to last track! I put in about 10 miles last night with this album carrying me for the first hour.

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