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Foam Roller, I Love You December 16, 2009

Posted by Richard Lowe in Thoughts & Musings.
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So much for that last post. Turns out the foam roller is the best thing that’s happened to me since my Under Armour leggings.

I’ll just say that my first time on the Foam Roller was enlightening. It did hurt like hell as I was rolling around on the floor, but I was able to hit my leg’s Sweet Spot (read: Most Painful Spot Ever) and really target the tight areas. I didn’t cry as Yasmin had suggested I might, though I most definitely made audible pain sounds like, “Ow Kelly Clarkson!” and “Como se llama!”

What was so enlightening about the Foam Roller, then? Well, as soon as I was finished, I felt like a whole new person. The left leg—the one that was giving me the most trouble—was loose and limber. Any pinching or pain in my glute was nearly gone, about 90% better. My left thigh felt light instead of heavy as a rock. It was wonderful.

Even one day after using it, the results have remained. I woke up feeling refreshed and my leg was still loose and pain-free. Even as the day has gone on, I’ve been without the constant nagging in my butt. (There’s a wife joke here; however, I won’t make it.)

I’m so excited by the prospect of what the Foam Roller will do for me as a runner. It’s always nice to come across new things or pieces of knowledge that change your whole outlook on something. It keeps life interesting and teaches you that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn. The prospect of knowledge is exhilarating!

Here’s a YouTube video of one of the exercises I did yesterday. Just watching this video makes me hurt!



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